The Unknown


Sometimes life brings us to the edge of what we've known as safe. We look into the waters of the UNKNOWN and in that moment we make a choice. Will we step into the water and TRUST that we will still find our way.



You are standing in front of a door, you open it and it's pitch black inside; you can’t find the light switch. You have to enter into this empty space where you have no sense of direction and no sense of placement.

You have to make a choice.

Go in the scary room and and be willing to fumble around until you find the light to make sense of where you are; or you wait until someone else goes in ahead of you, discovers all the things for themselves, makes things safe, and then invites you in.

The reason why we don’t take risks is because we don’t want to mess up, we don’t want to fail. Because, if we fail, if we mess up, then people are going to see that we failed, and then look at us as failures… 

Risk isn’t bad. But, risk requires faith. 

Faith looks like living life based on the promises of God not based on the word of man.

Stepping into the unknown looks like you walking in the that dark room, stumbling around until you find that light and then making it a safe place for others to come and and experience life with clarity.

You're the one who isn't scared of messing up because you no longer are scared of what other people are going to say, you're no longer scared of failing. You're focus, your joy, your life comes from living from the promises of God.

That is beautiful!