Pioneer in Life


I never thought it would be so hard to write about something that I am passionate about...

Staring at an empty page; looking for the words to just appear at the end of my fingertips... not only that but, the creativity and elegance of wordsmithing should just come naturally, right... 



Passion is interesting because it is an emotive word. It comes loaded with an idea that if I am passionate about a topic, it should come naturally to write about. I do believe that.. kinda. I do believe that when you have a thought or an idea that's meaningful and valuable it does flow easily.

Like every skill in life, writing is something that you learn. Which means it can be taught. I want to learn to be a world-class communicator which means I have a lot to learn and I have a lot of practising ahead of me.

I do believe that you can be passionate about something without being able to fully understand how to articulate it. If you could fully articulate something with words alone, I think it wouldn't have as much impact and be as meaningful as a matching emotion to go along with that.


This is one of those phrases that is going to not only define my journey in life but to also help define others as well.

I want to pioneer. I want to create a path not only for me but to gather, train and send people out to pioneer the life that they are meant to pioneer as well. 

I hate settling for less than what I know could be. I hate it personally and I also hate seeing people settle for less than they could have got or seen or been. 

Pioneering to me is about you taking new ground in your life.  You seeing what your passions are and you finding a purpose that aligns with those passions.


Join me as I pursue my dreams and how I pursue my passions. Rather than just reading this and saying, "that's nice that Chris wants to do that" and that is the end of that thought. 

What is your passion in life?
What do you want to pioneer in your life?


I want to help you. If you live in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) I would love to grab a coffee and talk to you about partnering with you to see you achieve your passions. Or, if you live outside the GTA then lets skype and talk online!

All you have to do is click here! 


You were never meant to do life alone. So if you want help. I am here.

No cost, no fee. Just a 30-minute conversation where we see how we can discover our purpose, find our passions and become the pioneer that is inside all of us. 

Chris x