Riptides and Landslides


I've not really been a new year resolution person. I've just never really bought into it. I think it is more of a marketing plan than a legitimate plan (who can really think straight when your eating loads of turkey and stuffing). 

I'm also an ideas person. If you've done the Kendall Life Languages (which I would highly recommend doing) I am a top language mover. Which means, that I constantly come up with ideas and love action and change.

So, my list of goals that I want to do in a year is never really going to stop. They just keep on coming, day after day, even when I don't want them and I want to sleep... IDEAS!

Riptides and Landslides

Something that I have realised is that I can work with themes. The narrative of my life is something I care about. I don't want to look back at my life and see that I have just gone with current and ended up somewhere I didn't want to be.

Riptides can be deadly in the ocean. But, they are also just as deadly in your purpose and calling. If you are not careful you can end up in a job you're unsatisfied with. End up in a marriage you regret. You can end up being in crippling debt. The sad truth is that list just gets longer...

Riptides happen when we are unaware.

Are you aware of where your life is headed? Are you actively participating in the life that you are creating or are you just letting circumstances and people dictate the direction of your life.

Riptides happen when we are distracted.

Do you know where you're going? Do you know the direction your life is headed? Don't let shiny lights and loud noises distract you from what is important to you! We were created to be powerful people who don't let life happen to us but, are active participants in the life we live and we move in the direction that we focus on.

Riptides happen when we are overwhelmed.

When life throws everything at you all at once it is hard to stay afloat and hard to move forward. BUT YOU CAN! I've seen so many young adults think that they have to do everything by themselves. Isolation leads to separation. When everything else around you is in the air, find people who love you and care for you and admit to them that you need help. Needing people isn't a weakness, it is actually one of the most powerful and things you can do.

Riptides happen when we are deceived.

Misdiagnoses lead's to malpractice. That was something that my old pastor used to say. If you don't have the right information, when you act it is going to be harmful to you or to the people around you. This is also where having people who love you enough to tell you the truth about what they see in your life is vital. If you surround yourself with people who only say yes to you or surround yourself with people who will never tell you they truth, you're setting yourself up for failure.  Find people who love you enough to be honest, and hold you accountable. 


Landslides (in your life) happen when you are top heavy. When your foundation cannot support the weight that is above it. Identity and character are huge. If you find your identity in only what you do then you will inevitably fall, and fall hard. Your worth is not in what you do but who you are.

Being content and happy with who you are. That doesn't mean you plateau and are perfect and have everything sorted. Rather, despite not having everything together in your life, do you find peace in knowing that you are loved by God and created in His image. Do you find contentment know that even though you not perfect, God still smiles when He thinks about you and He thinks about you all the time. 

The Me I Was Created to Be

This is my theme for 2017. There is a lot of work that needs to happen in my spirit, soul and body this year and I cannot wait to see what is going to happen. Being the Me I was created to be is not about me becoming perfect; it's about me stepping into 2017 moving forward because that is where the future is and that is where a greater sense of Hope, Love, Comfort, Security, and Growth is.

What's your theme?

Let me know in the comments what your theme for 2017 and let me know if you found this helpful.

Let's look into the future expectant and excited for what is going to happen.

Chris x